Glossop on t'internet

The Glossop Gazette doesn't pay much heed of t'internet because we like our news the modern way. But here's a quick review of some Glossop website for events and news we didn't have time to compile this week.

The nicest Glossop events site by far is compiled by Jamie Douglas at
Other useful sites are
Plus pub sites and other community sites I don't have time to list.
  There are lots of others and to get a full list of events in our area you would have to trawl at least 50 different website. A lot of interesting events don’t make any website, like Paul Brotherton's ancient DNA talk in the George Hotel on 6th November. There is no coordination between events sites and so Glossop Gazette has formed a central events database that members can contribute to and download
  We are tempted not to mention because they didn't mention the new newspaper in town despite us sending them quite a few press releases. We were also shunned by High Peak Radio and all other mainline media in the UK except BBC Radio Manchester. Was it something we said? Stay safe on t’internet.

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