High turnout reported in Glossop elections

Voter turnout across Glossop wards was much higher yesterday than in 2010, according to figures released by High Peak Borough Council. Results of Borough Council elections are due early this evening.

Conservatives win High Peak as LibDem vote collapses

The Conservative candidate Andrew Bingham, has won the High Peak parliamentary election, increasing his share of the vote from 41% in 2010 to 45% yesterday. The results are


Conservative 22836
Labour 17942
Green 1811
UKIP 5811
Liberal Democrats 2389

Questions for Parliamentary candidates 2015 - Part 5

We asked High Peak's Parliamentary candidates:

1. Bedroom tax - is it fair on poorer people?

2.  Death penalty - would you vote for it under any circumstances?

3. House of Lords - Would you ever become a member of it? Does it need reforming?

Whitfield - safe Labour seat?

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

UKIP influence expected in Tintwistle


Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

St John's - staunchly Conservative

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Simmondley - Conservative stronghold?

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Two horse marginal in Padfield


Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Old Glossop - the most marginal seats in town

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Howard Town - safe Labour seats?

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Party control for Hayfield

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Hadfield South - marginal ward

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

New Councillor for Hadfield North

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Dinting - the second safest seat in town?

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Gamesley - the only safe seat in town?

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Very poor response rate to questions for HPBC candidates

After a week, just 8 of 54 HPBC candidates have replied to our first set of questions. Because direct email addresses were not available for all candidates and their agents we channeled the questions through local branches of the political parties they represent. We have tried to get confirmation from those parties that the candidates have seen the questions. If that fails we will deliver the questions by hand. If you are a candidate and would like to answer the questions please send your responses to glossopgazette@gmail.com.

Questions for Parliamentary candidates 2015 - 4

1. If your party were to be part of a coalition government after the election, which party would you prefer to be working with and are there any you would refuse to work with?

2. Climate change. Is it something we should be trying to tackle?

3. Under changes brought in by the last government, UK citizens cannot live in the UK with a non EU spouse unless they can satisfy a financial requirement that is higher than the median wage.  Is this fair?

4. Do you have any moral concerns about the UK's relationship with Saudi Arabia?

(We asked these questions on 24th April 2015)

Questions for High Peak Borough Council candidates - part 2

We asked local candidates in the upcoming High Peak Borough Council election:

1. The town hall clock. Can you fix it? If so, when?

2. What would you do to reduce dog fouling and littering in the area?

3. If elected, what mode of transport would you use to get to council meetings?

We asked these questions on 28th April 2015

Questions for Parliamentary candidates 2015 - Part 3


We asked candidates standing in the High Peak Parliamentary election if they would be comfortable with their party's candidates in the borough council election* openly supporting the doctrine expressed in this picture, and/or recruiting people to subscribe to this: https://www.change.org/p/uk-government-ban-the-koran Read their answers below

Questions for HPBC election candidates - part 1

We asked local candidates in the upcoming High Peak Borough Council election:

1. How long have you lived in your ward and what single issue could you make most impact on if you were elected?

2. Do you have a full time job and if so how could you cope with your responsibilities as a councillor?

3. Would you pledge to tell the electorate how you vote in councils meetings?

4. Have you ever been a member of any political parties other than the one you are representing now? If you have swapped/left a party can you tell us why?

We asked the questions on 21st April 2015. Read the answers we have received below.

Questions for Parliamentary candidates 2015 - Part 2

With less than three weeks before the general election our second set of questions for candidates are:
1. [redundant question - withdrawn]

2. In retrospect, was it a bad idea to privatise the UK's railways, water, gas and electricity industries? Would you support moves to renationalise any of them?

3. If you were elected to Parliament, how often would you hold surgeries in Glossopdale?

(We asked these questions on 8th April 2015)

More than half of High Peak general election candidates oppose fracking

Frack Free Greater Manchester have been asking candidates to sign the Frack Free Promise, promoted by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, which states "If my constituency is at risk of fracking, I will oppose it. If my constituency is not at risk, I will oppose fracking nationwide." Read how candidates reacted below.

List of Glossop's candidates for HPBC election 2015

The statements of persons nominated for the High Peak Borough Council election on 9th May 2015 has been published. In total 54 people are contesting 16 seats on the council. All councillors elected in 2011 are standing for re-election with the exception of Colin Waude (Howard Town), Victoria Mann (Hadfield North), David Mellor (Hayfield) and Ellie Wilcox (Padfield). The full list of candidates is below

Five candidates want to be Glossop's MP

Five candidates will stand for election as Member of Parliament for the High Peak on May 7th 2015

Andrew Russell Bingham (Conservative)
Caitlin Janette Bisknell (Labour)
Charlotte Nancy Farrell (Green)
Ian Guiver (UKIP).
Stephen David Worrall (Liberal Democrat)

Small Town Politics - part 1

Small Town Politics - part 1

In 1959 Dr Anthony H Birch published a study of the political life of Glossop. Small Town Politics was a collaborative research project sponsored by the Department of Government of the University of Manchester. With research expenses of £200, Dr Birch and his colleagues picked what was then a small industrial town with a population of about 18,000 people. 

Questions for Parliamentary candidates 2015 - Part 1

With just six weeks to go before one of Glossop's biggest elections for a generation, candidates of major parties have declared their intention to stand for parliament. The final date for registration of candidates for parliamentary and local elections is  April 9th, details available here. Our first set of questions for candidates are:

1. How long have you lived in the High Peak and how often do you visit Glossop?
2. Would the banning of migrant children from state funded education be good for the High Peak?
3. Do you now, or have you ever, used private healthcare in the UK? If so, how can you demonstrate commitment to the NHS?
4. If there was a referendum tomorrow would you vote to leave the EU?

Borough Council elections in Glossop 2015

With borough council elections just nine months away, Glossop's voters have no idea what to expect. Proposed new electoral ward boundaries for 2015 make any analysis of past voting behaviour of limited use, but a review of 21st century Glossop voting by ward might provide some clues as to how the Borough Council elections will be fought.

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