Borough Council elections in Glossop 2015

With borough council elections just nine months away, Glossop's voters have no idea what to expect. Proposed new electoral ward boundaries for 2015 make any analysis of past voting behaviour of limited use, but a review of 21st century Glossop voting by ward might provide some clues as to how the Borough Council elections will be fought.

The Dinting ward has existed since the 2003 elections and is strongly Conservative, with candidates getting at least twice the votes of their nearest rival. The ward is current represented by Jean Wharmby, who has held the seat since 2007. Voter turnout in Dinting is among the highest in the High Peak.

The Gamesley ward has existed since 2003 and has always been held by Labour. Anthony McKeown has held the seat since 2003, sometimes unopposed,  gaining over 80% of the vote in the last election. Voter turnout in Gamesley is among the lowest in the High Peak.

Hadfield North
Hadfield North ward was created in 2003 and has always been held by Labour. Victoria Mann has held the seat since 2003, sometimes unopposed.

Hadfield South
Hadfield South is represented by two councillors and has had both Labour and Conservative representation since 2003. The ward is currently held by Labour councillors Robert McKeown and Edward Siddall.

Hayfield has been held by independent councillor David Mellor since 1983, usually with a substantial majority and sometimes unopposed. However his majority in the last election was just 76 votes.

Howard Town
Howardtown has two councillors and has been Labour controlled since it was created in 2003. Labour has consistently improved its performance in ward elections. The current councillors Godfrey Claff and Colin Waude polled around twice the votes of their Conservative rivals in 2011.

Old Glossop
Old Glossop has two councillors and was represented only by independents from its creation in 2003 until 2011, when Gary Parvin (Labour) won a seat. The other councillor, Chris Webster, is independent and has held the seat since 2003. The last election was very close run, with four candidates polling between 653 and 687 votes each.

Padfield is also a closely fought seat. In 2007 Conservatives won the seat from Labour, getting a single vote more than the Liberal Democrat candidate. The current councillor, Ellie Willcox (Labour) won with a 16 vote majority over the Conservative candidate.

Simmondley has two councillors. In 2003 one Labour and one Liberal Democrat were elected, since then both seats have been held by Conservatives. The current councillors are John Haken, first elected in 2007 and Julie McCabe, who beat her Labour rival by 75 votes.

St John's
St John's has had a Conservative councillor since High Peak Borough was created in 1973. The current councillor, George Wharmby, has held the seat since 2011.

Tintwistle was won by Labour in 2003, by Conservatives in 2007 and by Labour again in 2011 with a majority of 14 votes. The current councillor is Pat Jenner.

Whitfield had an independent councillor in 2003 and has been Labour since 2007. The current councillor Graham Oakley polled 69% of the vote in the last election.

In general voter turnout has increased in local wards, with the exception of Whitfield and Old Glossop.

Voter turnout in High Peak Borough Council elections (zero values indicate uncontested seat)

Overall there are 43 seats on High Peak Borough Council.  For 27 years since 1973 the council has been under no overall control from any single party. At present Labour are one seat short of an overall majority.

Composition of HPBC since 1973

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