Every issue the Glossop Gazette will ask our elected representatives questions to enlighten the public. Councillors can choose to reply and have their answers printed, or they can ignore the questions.

Ask your councillor - Issue 2

1.  Are you in favour of the plan to demolish Saint Luke's School and move the library from Victoria Hall to a new purpose built building?
2. Should dogs be kept on leads in public spaces such as parks?
3. Do you agree with David Gale (UKIP candidate for Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner) that people in public office should make a public declaration of membership of secret societies such as the Freemasons to create "a spirit of openness and transparency"?

Ask your councillor - Issue 3

1. Do you think that basic maintenance of the Town Hall and Victoria Hall has been adequate since they fell out of public use?
2. Why was the upstairs of the Victoria Hall  closed to the public and was it necessary?
3. It has recently been brought to HPBC's attention that bats have been systematically ignored in planning decisions in Glossopdale. Do you think the council should make efforts to find out why this happened?

Ask your councillor - Issue 4

1. Are you aware of problems with pedestrian and disabled facilities at Howardtown Mill? How did it happen and what can be done to fix it?
2. Are you aware of Japanese knotweed problems locally and what has been done to control it?
3. Development Control currently occupy the old council chamber in the Municipal Buildings. Does their office have air conditioning and can you think of better uses for the room?

Ask your councillor - Issue 5

1. Should the decision to store potentially catastrophic quantities of chemicals in Glossopdale and Longdendale (i.e. Tier 1 COMAH)  be the responsibility of a designated planning officer or democratically elected councillors?
2. Does HPBC treat Buxton better than Glossop?
3. Was it a mistake to grant permission for development  HPK/2012/0502 without any bat surveys when HPBC was aware that the site is next to a bat roost?  Why haven't lessons been learned?

Ask your councillor - Issue 6

1. How councillors vote in meetings is only recorded on very rare occasions. Is this in the interests of open and transparent government? Is there any reason why councillors' votes shouldn't be routinely recorded and available to the electorate?
2. Nobody wants to take responsibility for pedestrian and disabled access at Howardtown Mill. HPBC blame DCC, and DCC blame HPBC. Do you think this is satisfactory, and where does it leave local pedestrians and disabled people?
3. How can we have affordable housing in the area if houses always have to be built from natural stone? Would you consider the use of modified shipping containers and other innovative housing to alleviate the crisis?

Ask your councillor - Issue 7

1. Do you ever use public transport to get to HPBC meetings?
2. Can you give a yes or no answer to this question: Would a recorded vote at council and committee meetings be in the interests of accountability and open and transparent government? Feel free to elaborate on your answer if necessary.
3. Have you ever voted against your party whip?

Ask your councillor - Issue 8

1. Is it important that MPs votes are recorded?
2. Can you think of ways that businesses could advertise on the High Street without pavement boards?
3. Do you understand why the “angry 613” might feel cynical about HPBC’s Open Halls Consultation?

Ask your councillor - Issue 9

1. What  is happening to Easton House? What would you like to see happen to it?
2. Have you, or do you intend to, comment or object to DCC's application to demolish the old St Luke's School and build a new library?
3. While the future of Glossop's public buildings are being decided, should HPBC be spending money maintaining them?

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