Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster in Glossop


Thirty years on from the Chernobyl Disaster the children of the affected region continue to suffer from the long term effects of the radiation. For more than twenty years Chernobyl Children's Project, a National Charity based in Glossop, has been bringing children in remission from cancer for holidays which boost their immune systems. As the Glossop group make plans for the young children and their mums who will come to stay this July, they are also commemorating this significant anniversary of the disaster.


There will be a Concert for Chernobyl at Glossop Parish Church, Old Glossop at 7.30pm on Saturday April 9th. Many respected local musicians will be taking part in this event, alongside children and young people. Adrienne Pyne (soprano); Zoe Glossop (oboe) John LeGrove (piano); Jeff Snowdon (horn); and Maria Raynor (flute) will be joined by Peak Performers and youngsters from the Dark Peak Concert Band. Admission will be free, with donations for the work of Glossopdale Chernobyl Children's Project gratefully received.

The Group are also planning a COMMEMORATIVE DINNER which will take place at Oaklands Hall in Hyde on the evening of Friday April 15th. Tickets are £20 and can be bought at the Peak Of Health in Norfolk Square.

Contact Linda Walker on Glossop 863534 for further information about either event or about the summer visit.

Timofei and his mum Natasha on holiday in Glossop last summer

Mothers and children last summer at Oaklands Hall where they were all given a free lunch.

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