HPBC statement on Victoria Hall

"High Peak Borough Council is not considering selling the Victoria Hall. If the library is removed from Victoria Hall, the Borough Council’s priority will be to bring the whole Hall back into community use. The task will be to find a new community use for the whole building and this will be the focus of High Peak Borough Council’s efforts."

"To be absolutely clear about the Council’s position, it is also worth addressing the question of whether there are circumstances in which the Borough Council might consider selling the Victoria Hall. Ultimately, if no viable community use can be developed, the Council would have to consult the Charity Commission about the future of the building. In cases where it believes that a trust deed cannot be fulfilled the Charity Commission may approve the sale of the building held in trust. In those circumstances the Charity Commission would insist that the proceeds of such a sale are applied to similar charitable purposes to those set out in the trust deed. The Borough Council would not benefit from the proceeds of a sale."

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