Glossop residents urged to dispose of waste responsibly

Fly tipping and the general misuse of recycling facilities at sites across the High Peak is costing tax payers money and undoing the good work of residents who take the time to separate their waste for recycling. In recent weeks mattresses, furniture and bags of rubbish have been dumped at sites and the inclusion of incorrect material in recycling bins has led to whole collections being sent for disposal rather than recycling. High Peak Borough Council’s Street Scene team is visiting some sites every day to clear up the unwanted materials that are thoughtlessly discarded.

Keith Parker, Head of Operational Services at High Peak Borough Council, said: “Facilities are available for High Peak residents to dispose of unwanted items in a responsible manner so there is no excuse for fly tipping at these sites – it costs council tax payers who have to foot the bill for this anti-social behaviour.
“Similarly, people who place incorrect items in recycling facilities can jeopardize the efforts of those residents that have sorted their waste correctly by resulting in loads being disposed of rather than recycled as the majority of people had intended.
“There’s information about waste disposal and recycling sites, together with what can be placed in bins, on our website and I’d encourage anyone unsure to check before disposing of waste.”
In the last 12 months there have been over 400 incidents of fly tipping in the High Peak. Clearing up costs can be around £50,000 each year.
Residents should take their unwanted waste to their nearest household waste and recycling centre at Melandra Road in Glossop or Waterswallows Road in Buxton. Anyone caught fly tipping can be issued with a £75 fixed penalty notice or, depending on the circumstances, a larger fine of up to £50,000.
Residents who don’t wish to recycle are asked to put their rubbish in their black bin (for general rubbish).
Keith added: “We do appreciate the efforts of the majority of our residents who do dispose of their waste responsibly and would encourage anyone witnessing fly tipping to report it to us.
“Whilst this would be an option of last resort, continued misuse of recycling facilities may ultimately result in their removal.”
Anyone wishing to report fly tipping can do so online via the Council’s website – – or by calling 0345 129 4870. Information about waste collections is available at

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